“Word object is undefined” in Office 2016 add-in after login redirection

I’m attempting to create a word include that first must reroute to a login page after originally filling and also after visiting redirects back to the include in. The incorporate in entertains on its very own web hosting server. After the redirect, I acquire an error that “Word is boundless”. The include is running inside of word, as well as I have contact us to Office.initialize as well as Word.run. If I operate the include to make sure that it points back to localhost http://unixresources.net/tags/localhost/page1.shtml, rather than the internet server for the include in, it manages fine, however when it flies the web hosting server I receive the errors.

I think the problem you’re seeing is actually that by rerouting to an auth dialog as well as back, you are somehow not re-triggering Office.js.

I presume your finest wager would be actually to fill the add-in “ordinarily”, and also utilize the Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync API to display the OAuth login in a distinct discussion. During the course of this moment, possess your add-in series “arranging discussion input for login”. At that point, have the dialog message back the parent when the OAuth login is actually complete, passing in any kind of required details (token or whatnot).

I am surprised that you mention it works for you in Word without Visual Workshop– I don’t recognize exactly how they will be actually connected. In either scenario, I presume you’ll run in to various other problems in this flow, particularly in Excel Online, where the add-in operates in an iframe (and where OAuth dialogs usually tend to certainly not make it possible for being actually in an iframes).

We are actually building a Word Activity Glass Office Add-in (certainly not VSTO) for internal association documents

I believe there is another basic technique to perform this like I always did. If your Types resides in Document A, open Document An as well as ‘save as’ to one more name like Document B. Your Styles currently will certainly be actually available in Document B. Remove ‘old web content’ in Document B and copy your new manuscript right into Document B as well as use the Designs to your text.

In Word Online, this actions is various, the add-in doesn’t acquire automatically loaded. The consumer must manually place the add-in each time the document levels.

Additionally, is actually there an order, text that I can easily operate against a word 2010 document (resource) which possesses the designs that I intend to copy to a nonce word 2010 document (location) that carries out not have those designs. I would like to perform this copy from one resource document to a variety of destination documents in one step.

Temporary workarounds: 1. Opening up the file in succeed customer application as well as sparing the file will deal with the width concern because we have a minimum width specified in stand out client app.

Our company have changed the behaviour you describe: beginning in January, Word Online add-ins will definitely be continued in the document much like they are actually in Word for pc. # 1 is actually certainly not sustained today but will definitely be actually very soon. Workarounds like # 2 and also # 3 are certainly not offered today.

After the report is edited in client or succeed customer, succeed customer values the brand new worth and it carry out NOT go back to market value 3. The problem seems to be to be only repro with the add-ins placed in excel WAC just.

if the Programmer tab is actually missing, opt for Office switch – Word Options – Popular button, as well as click to make it possible for “Show Developer button in the ribbon”. Source: http://www.wordbanter.com/showthread.php?t=104074

It resembles we are actually having a brief issue currently where the Office Add-ins distance is actually getting conserved to 3 pixels. We are trying to discover a settlement asap. In the unpleasant time you can easily attempt the following workaround

In Word 2013 (desktop) when our experts insert the add-in and spare the document, when our company reopen that document the add-in is automatically packed.

Can anybody know me exactly how to duplicate types from one word (2010) document to an additional? Appeared like a very noticeable factor yet is actually apparantly not.

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