what is the code to send html code in pdf format

n my case, I have a type in which a user gets in all information and sends out those information through mail in HTML format. It is working appropriately.

Now I want to transform the HTML to PDF, so that i can send the html as the mail body and have the PDF File connected.

i desire that filled details in PDF format, means user filled details online and send that detail to client, client get that information in html format in his mail, so i desire on that button click all that detail should transform in pdf and send as attatched file.

When you send kind, create PDF file using any of PHP plugin like TCPDF, then connect created file in e-mail header, So that any one can download.

I am providing link of a pdf file on my websites for download, like listed below

<a href="http://myfile.pdf">Download Brochure</a>

The problem is when user clicks this link then

If the user have set up Adobe Acrobat, then it opens the file in the exact same web browser window in Adobe Reader.
Then it pop-up to the user for Downloading the file, if the Adobe Acrobat is not installed.

But I want it constantly pop-up to the user for download, irrespective of “Adobe acrobat” is set up or not.

Please inform me how i can do this?

Rather of connecting to the.PDF file, rather do something like

<a href="http://pdf_server.php?file=pdffilename">Download my eBook</a>

which outputs a custom-made header, opens the PDF (binary safe) and prints the information to the user’s browser, then they can pick to save the PDF in spite of their internet browser settings. The pdf_server. php ought to look like this

This is a typical concern but couple of individuals know there’s a basic HTML 5 service:

<a href="http://./directory/yourfile.pdf" download="newfilename">< a href= "./ directory/yourfile. pdf "download=" newfilename" > Download the pdf Where newfilename is the recommended filename for the user to save the file. Or it will default to the filename on the serverside if you leave it empty, like this:

<a href="http://./directory/yourfile.pdf" download>Download the pdf</a>

Compatibility: I evaluated this on Firefox 21 and Iron, both worked fine. It may not work on HTML5-incompatible or outdated browsers. The only browser I tested that didn’t force download is IE …

Inspect compatibility here: http://caniuse.com/#feat=download

in a Ruby on Bed rails treatment (specifically with one thing like the Shellfish jewel and the Prawnto Bed rails plugin), you may perform this a little bit even more merely than a complete on writing (like the previous PHP instance).

The FilesMatch guideline is simply a regex so perhaps specified as granularly as you want, or you might consist of in various other expansions.

If you are making use of Apache, as well as may place an.htaccess file in the important directory you might use the code listed here. Certainly, you might place this in httpd.conf additionally, if you possess accessibility to that.

Right here’s a different approach. I select as opposed to depend on internet browser help, or even address this at the use coating, to make use of web hosting server reasoning.

Content-type application/x-pdf-document or even application/pdf is delivered while sending out PDF documents. When any of PDF COMEDIAN kinds is gotten, Adobe Browser normally sets the user for this COMEDIAN type therefore web browser will certainly pass the document to Adobe Reader.

Instead of making use of a PHP text, to clear the data and go through, it’s even more cool to rephrase the header using.htaccess. This will definitely always keep a “fantastic” URL (myfile.pdf somewhat of download.php?myfile).

The Header pipe performs the quite exact same factor as the very first pipe in the PHP scripts over. If you must set the Content-Type lines at the same time, you could do this likewise, but I have certainly not discovered that essential.

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