pdfbox convert pdf to image byte[]

I’ve looked through numerous examples online and the only ones I can discover explain how either to directly compose the converted file to the filesystem or to convert it to a Java AWT things.

I ‘d rather not incur the IO of composing an image file to the filesystem, read into a byte [], and then delete it.

Where I’m unclear on is the best ways to tranform the BufferedImage into a byte [] I know this is transformed into a file output stream in imageWriter.writeImage(), however I’m not clear on how the API works.

You can utilize ImageIO.write to write to an OutputStream., utilize a ByteArrayOutputStream, then call toByteArray() on it.

“ByteArrayOutputStream out = brand-new ByteArrayOutputStream(pngFileName)” – ByteArrayOutputStream just has 2 fabricators, one without criteria and one with an int criterion. Therefore, your call utilizing a String parameter will not even put together unless you imply a various ByteArrayOutputStream than the one in java.io.

i have a pdf file(connected). My objective is to convert a pdf to an image using c# http://www.iditect.com/tutorial/pdf-to-image/,(exact same as using snipping tool in windows). The pdf has all sort of shapes and text.
PDDocument doc = PDDocument.load("Hello World.pdf");
PDPage firstPage = (PDPage) doc.getDocumentCatalog().getAllPages().get(67);
BufferedImage bufferedImage = firstPage.convertToImage(imageType,screenResolution);
ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, "png",new File("out.png"));

how do i make pdfbox take something like a direct picture image?

likewise, i noticed that the image quality of the png is not so good, is there any way to increase the resolution of the created image?

You have actually provided 2 images, no pdf. (Many probably the pdf has actually automatically be transformed upon upload.) To really provide the pdf you need to share it someplace else (e.g an openly shared file on Dropbox) and post the URL here.

Using PDFRenderer it is possible to convert PDF page into image formats.

Transform PDF page into image in java Utilizing PDF Renderer.

Here only some arrows are thinner and some arrow parts are mis-drawn as boxes.

When rendering PDFs as images, the current release versions (up to 1.8.4) appear to have higher deficits. You may change to a current advancement variation (e.g. the present trunk, 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) or wait up until the enhancements are released.

Some small deficits are even in 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. You might wish to provide your sample file to the PDFBox individuals (i.e. produce an according issue in their JIRA) so that they enhance PDFBox even further to fit your needs.

There are convertToImage overloads with resolution parameters. Your present code really sets the resolution to screenResolution. Increase this resolution worth.

i do not know anything about jempBox also, this is the most current container file i left the site(of pdfbox) edit: my basic objective is to transform a page from a pdf file to a jpeg. are there any much better libraries which can achieve this task without problems.

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