Open source code for reading PDF

I wish to make an application with PDF code to read PDF files. I don’t wish to use an integrated PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, because I wish to move the pages from right to left, so is there any source code for a PDF reader that may operate in Android?

To slide pdf delegated best or vice-versa, you can utilize android pdf Viewer library. Go to the following site to view the guidelines and download link of source and demo codes. Ways to show pdf in android utilizing PDFViewer

I have actually seen 2 method to doing this which is via UIWebView and utilizing Quartz framework to draw the pdf pages. I’ve heard sluggishness problems using the UIWebView and it’s not as flexible as using the latter approach.

As a newbie iOS programmer, 1) what topics should I find out first (which frameworks/controls/library prior to going on and learning the Quartz PDF support)? Is there anything new in iOS5/latest beta of Xcode related to this?

Although Apple mentioned “better PDF assistance” in their Keynote, there’s no noticeable distinction between iOS4 and new releases. Might be that they enhanced PDF parsing internally, but that’s pure speculation on my side.

Using UIWebView for pdfs isn’t actually that fantastic. Apple introduced QuickLook in iOS4 for that, which is a bit much faster and cleaner compared to the webview.

If you desire to get more speed, more functions, you have to go into the Quartz CGPDF * functions, and getting that right and quick is a real PITA. Especially since there’s a lot things you do not even understand, e.g. that PDFs can have rotation information, Crop/Media boxes and so on. For quick scrolling, you likewise need some type of UIScrollView that recycles it’s internal views to be speedy.

And be actually mindful with CATiledLayer (which you require to allow quick zooming) – because that one works multithreaded and really loves crashing in your face, when you do not end rendering correctly. (Should importantly nil out it’s delegate, and perhaps even it’s material. Nilling out the content waits for threads and may block the main view.) There are some enhancements in the iOS5 PDF rendering engine. However primarily bugfixes for files that have actually been rendered improperly, and better assistance for more esoteric things like JPEG2000.

I have a CV in PDF format which is to be transformed to LaTeX code. Is there a way to ‘reverse engineer’ the PDF so that I can get the latex code?

You might get the plain text back however you can’t restore the original latex source.

You may be able to import PDF into a word processing program and export LaTeX from it (Either AbiWord of KOffice can do that, if I remember correctly), however the outcome will not be pretty. This will not get you the initial LaTeX, but a really poor approximation. I think recreating the CV from scratch in LaTeX will be simpler.

Much like you can immediately reverse engineer C code (though not very readable and with certain constraints) from an assembled exe you need to be able to reverse engineer the LaTeX code from a compiled PDF. There just do not seem to be any tools around that even try this. This would sure be a fascinating thing to implement.

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