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I want to read text from a PDF file present in SD card.How can we get text from a PDF file which is saved in sd card?

It’s working fine if the file is text file (test.txt) but not working for pdf (test.pdf).

But here the text is not receiving from PDF as it is, it’s getting like byte code. How can I attain this?

PDF file format is not plain text. You’ll need a parser library like PDFBox to extract texts from the file.

PDF format is not your regular text file. You have to do a little bit more research on PDFs this is the best response you’ll get The best ways to read pdf in my android application?

I can able to reveal that PDF but How can I get text from that PDF in c#?

Hi I’m attempting to convert multiple pdfs to text, my code is working, however many of mine file are in spanish, with characters such as (ñ, í, ó, ú, é) and these (ñ, í, ó, ú, é) are getting corrupted. Likewise I require the text file to be in lower case for text analysis later on:.

Judging from your example the encoding utilized to develop the PDF may be malfunctioning and therefore recovery of the right Unicode characters not (easily) possible. Have you tried utilizing a command line tool like pdftotext from the Poppler project to check whether its output reveals the appropriate characters?

I have actually downloaded PDFtoText in mac and wrote following code to transform pdf files to text:.

The code runs well but I am unable to see my.txt in the source directory site nor it has been conserved anywhere in the folders. Where I went incorrect?

Among my mentors had the ability to run the very same code in his computer and he was able to see the converted.txt file.

You get an incorrect result if the default PDF extraction engine is not found on your computer, see? tm:: readPDF. Those engines are not part of R or of the tm package, and it depends upon your computer system whether the necessary programs are already set up.

The simplest service is to set up the programs pdftotext and pdfinfo (you’ll require both), which you can acquire as precompiled binaries here.

As soon as these programs are correctly set up, you must be able to draw out the text of the PDF file without a system call, by utilizing the readPDF() function of the tm plan.

As a quick fix I suggest that you copy the precompiled binary of pdfinfo in your working directory. You can show your working directory in an R session with getwd().

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